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SOLOV, created by two French independent cosmetic experts. It is the reflections & inspiration of their complementary experiences.

Sophie and Laurent, Solov founders.

At SOLOV, we strongly believe that everything is vibration, pure energy, that all human kinds are linked together, that the Beauty makes feel good, that changing the world is possible…

SOLOV pays tribute to mother Earth, honoring her gemstones. Converging our knowledge of Lithotherapy and Chromotherapy in our products is SOLOV's reason to be.

Our mantra is to vibrate beauty

Infused formulas + colours + gems = GOOD VIBES !

Each GEM-compact is a talisman combining harmony of shades + the vibrating energy of a stone, the result for th customer is, a positive benefit in the make up formula as well as an aura of well being. 

SOLOV SYSTEM is our way of developing, a unique creative process that conveys our values: consciousness, humanity, commitment, benevolence. 

SOLOV product are positively charged with unconditional love.                         

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SOLOV creates LA BEAUTE A SENTIMENTS, a beauty range increased in human values, in sense, in heart, that sacralizes the link to the object and the connection to the self.

Precious objects, with intentional good vibes that vibrate Beautiful and good feelings.

*LA BEAUTÉ A SENTIMENTS, is inspired from a charming french tradition from the past called  ‘Bijou de Sentiment’ (jewellery with sentiment).  In medieval age it was the way to express feelings through jewellery : via symbols, hidden messages, signification of stones, representation of part of the loved one…

This supplement of soul is reflected in each step of our development :

-In the intention, the design, 
-In the selection of harmony, of pigments, of textures, finishes,
-In the gemstone selection :  for its energetic properties,  its shades, its emotional benefit,
-In the  sculpture and the design of the resin packaging,
-In the craft gesture, in the feelings you will

Thereby, SOLOV products take positive anchorage in the matter, carrying sense, sensibility as well as upmost inspiring feelings and French style.

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SOLOV invents an holistic beauty that transcend genres : design, jewel, lithotherapy, precious makeup objects. 

A new beauty, a beauty revealing the higher self.
A luxury returning to the essential
beauty of the gesture and the sublimated matter.

SOLOV 's objects become a mirror of one’s most valuable feelings.

Holistic consciousness

SOLOV creates with the consciousness to be connected with each other as a whole.
We believe that beauty is a proactive approach to achieving beautiful looks and wellbeing, that  inner beauty is interfacing with outer beauty, that emotions reflect personal energy vibration.  « La Beauté à sentiments » is born from these assumptions.

Empowering Gems

Each makeup object is vibrating by the positive energy of gems as well as colours.
SOLOV correlates colour energy with the gemstone's virtues.

The power to become oneself

SOLOV sacralizes the link to the object and the connection to the Self :

- the power to be who you really want to be in colours and vibrations,

- the power to consume sustainable, refillable beauty products.

A unique creative development process, that gives birth to powerful objects with hidden virtues. Each piece is unique, handcrafted. made in France.
A GEM-compact is for life, infinitely refillable, sustainable and recyclable.

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