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SOLOVTHEPLANET, Sustainable, responsible, and much more ! Solovtheplanetvisuel

SOLOVTHEPLANET, Sustainable, responsible, and much more !

Solov is a committed, loving holistic beauty brand with a low environment impact.

Endlessly refillable.

SOLOV's product are refillable through our site, after having purchased once the complete object. In order to do so, you need to identify yourself in 'sign in' section.

After that, you will be enable to purchase any SOLOV's  refill.

Responsible : controlled production & ethic.

At SOLOV we believe that our process is truly ecology  : well identifying local resources, with a highly quality controlled manufacturing production.

We produce a small quantities,  limited of series : Collections, Editions, Bespoke .
Our objects being mostly handcraftsmanship, they required time and greatest precision, therefore we respect the capacity of our Atelier located in Paris area.

We enjoy collegial work environment, producing quality work with a culture of tolerance and respect.

Our GEM-compact material residues are crushed and reintroduce in different productions for a second life, such boat hull.

All the water waste and polishing components are filtered in a sewage station.

The teams that collaborates with SOLOV, fully respect the European Cosmetic regulation N°1223/2009.

SOLOV are not tested on animals.


Should you ever be tired of our product, please note that packaging is recyclable.

SOLOV's carton packaging is made from 100% recycled and upcycled foarm, 100 % PEFC
(providing high levels of protection with care and respect for the environment),
glue-free, solvent-free. Produced in compliance with ISO 9001. We select  'imprim vert'  certified printer for cardboard packaging. 


To protect our GEM-compact we have sourced a unique upcycled foarm 

The non conforming parts of our GEM-compacts are up-cycled in jewellery.
See our brooch ! 

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