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Meaningful Makeup innovations Plaques Matieres

Meaningful Makeup innovations

spiritual beauty, vibrated formulas, precious jewellery compacts. Refillable, sustainable, hand crafted. Made in France.

SOLOV, 100% holistic makeup, developed in virtuous ecosystem.

Our makeup compacts our created in one piece as a whole. The content and the form respond to one another.

United by the energy of the colours and the gemstones, this is how the material and the colour work in unison.

All makeup formulations are infused with gemstones that vibrates their specifics vibrations. each of our palettes are vibrated under a cristal pyramid that guarantees high frequencies,  positive emotional benefits as well as waoouh makeup result.
This way of developing is LA BEAUTE A SENTIMENTS 'signature.

SOLOV, transcends genres...
cosmetic, jewellery, craft,  french art de vivre.

A contemporary interpretation of the 18th century french's compacts, when jewellery was ornament expressing sentiments, through symbols, hidden messages, signification of stones, representation of part of the loved one...

A sensual GEM-compact with stong aesthetic design, a totally faceted surface, with ultra smooth feel, never seen finishes. A talisman to purchase, offer, cherish and collect.

An inclusive, benevolent, creative approach with renewed quantities.
The limited quantity our production series provides good vibes !
Behind each and every SOLOV product
is the ancestral expertise of french craftsman. 

Each GEM-compact is unique,
Only one alike !

Our handmade manufacturing process highlights handmade expertise and precision.  
Each piece has its own specific finish that plays with light, pigment flows, shimmers and glitters, there is only one of-a-kind.
The hand polished step is done without any chemicals,  that ensure a sensually smooth texture to the touch. The final effect is a natural handmade glossy finish.

A friendly refillable system.

As an ode to mineral and colour, the 3rd EYE PALETTE is composed of 3 different parts : 
- a GEM-compact in resin,
- a magnetized drawer,
- a tray featuring 10 eyeshadows, in different harmony of shades. This tray is intentionally pure, simple, economic to be renewed and refilled as much as desired.

After having purchased once, a complete PALETTE on the site, you will be enabled to repurchase any refill. Join this eco-friendly and savvy attitude.
SOLOV is leading the movement with a new way of consuming high-performing, luxury makeup that is as everything should be : Beautiful, do good, refillable, recyclable.

SOLOV, invents a playful addictive usage, a sensorial gesture for emotional experiences.

The 3rd Eye PALETTE opens up thanks to a sliding drawer, quiet unexpected for a palette !
It gives centre stage to the essence : the harmony of powders, shades infused  with gemstones.

Thus, the GEM-compact keeps its unique stone design pure and intact.
Designed to last, in an ultra resistant resin, it can be refill anytime with any SOLOV's trays.

We have also focused our attention on the usage of the powders :
- The organic shapes of the pans that contains the powders are based on Fibonacci's golden spiral, ensuring positive energy.
- The tray's pattern also features, 2 colour wheels, 2 mini chakras of different harmonies of shades that help to understand how to mix and match the shades, while offering a playful and quick reading of living colours.

SOLOV innovates thanks to an exclusive eye-shadow formulas.

Truly vibrating, our formulations are alchemised by the power of colours associated to the virtues of the gemstones. Thanks to a common association of lithotherapy and chromotherapy, we obtain unprecedent precious mineral aura-shadow, with ultra-light, easy to apply textures. Available in several finishes, from intense mattes, to high glittery shine, the  ‘pay off’ is silky soft for a maximum delivery of intense colour on the eyelid.

All the shades are vibrated and infused with gemstones such as : amethyst, diamond, rose quartz, tourmaline, amber...The gemstones infused in each harmony of powder correspond to the compact-GEM itself, thus the amethyst GEM-compact is featuring infused and enriched with amethyst gemstone eyeshadow formulas. The vibration of the stone responds to the compact, while the harmony of shades responds to the colour of the compact.

Seductive aura-shadow for versatile precious makeup looks.


SOLOV far more than makeup !

An enlarged vision of Beauty, enriched in sense, human values, and heart.

A holistic beauty that gives back a sense to beautiful, while vibrating 'good vibes' to the consumer.

A 'BEAUTE A SENTIMENT ' (beauty with feelings) to do good, using the the energy of colour and the energy of the gemstones to reveal the best of oneself.

A mind-set, a way of living positively an empowered femininity.

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